Vellum in NYC


Vellum‘s co-founder and Director Jim Winn recently returned from a trip to New York City, where he spent several days meeting with several of Vellum’s editorial clients. While it was more of a business trip than a shooting trip this time around, Jim shot a lot of images with his iPhone we thought we’d share a couple.

The second image is looking into the World Trade Center site, where teams from DCM Erectors, Catalyst Contractors Inc., Federated Equipment Equipment and many others have been working furiously to bring the buildings’ framework out of the ground and into the sky.


Challenger Drilling

The recent shoot for Anaconda Drilling ( now Challenger Drilling ) required a mixture of portraits of company employees, work and process photos and images of individual pieces of drilling equipment. We will be finishing up work on the bulk of the images next week, but couldn’t help pulling out one of our favorites to share with you early.


Picture Kentucky Workshop


Vellum founders Jim Winn and Nathan Weber have had the pleasure of being on the workshop staff of the University of Kentucky’s Picture Kentucky Photojournalism workshop over the past three years, and are back in Kentucky this week to assist the workshop staff. This year’s workshop brought 17 photojournalism students to Hindman, Ky., to learn how to tell compelling stories through the use of still photography, video and audio.

Prior to arriving for the workshop, Vellum spent a day with Anaconda Drilling, producing images for the company. We will have some behind the scenes photos from the Picture Kentucky workshop online over the next few days, along with some select images from the Anaconda shoot.

About the workshop:The goal of the Picture Kentucky Workshop Series is to teach students how to tell compelling stories through photographs. In addition to shooting picture stories, students will work toward producing a book, multimedia and a web presentation that will be shared with the university, the host communities and the general public. During that process it is the hope of the workshop’s organizers and financial supporters that the students will share in an intense, fulfilling experience that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

The Picture Kentucky Workshop Series currently consists of a fall, winter and spring workshops that document small towns through out the state of Kentucky.

Vellum’s Photography now represented in United States by Wonderful Machine!

Vellum is happy to announce that its photography is now represented by Wonderful Machine. Wonderful Machine’s powerful team is dedicated to connecting the world’s most talented photographers with the industry’s most discerning clients.

To learn more about Wonderful Machine, click Here.


Vellum – MSHA Trained and Certified

Vellum‘s team recently spent a week in Hazard, Ky with the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), receiving surface mine training and certification. Now that the team is carrying surface mine cards we could, technically, go to work as coal miners in the surface mines of Appalachia or Wyoming. While we won’t be taking coal out of the ground with our new certifications, this does allow Vellum to legally and safely work on site in surface mine and active quarry environments.


Vellum has years of experience in active industrial environments, and retains a devoted commitment to safety and quality. Our team receives annual first aid and safety training, and we are always adding to our list of industrial certifications. For our industrial clients this means they can count on Vellum to safely and professionally work in any of their locations.

Would you let just any person off the street into your manufacturing facility, warehouse or active job site? For the majority of our clients the definite answer is no, because they place a premium on safety in the workplace. Vellum’s actively matches that commitment, so that our clients can rest assured that they are hiring a team that knows how to work safe, and get the job done right.

Vellum’s work featured on

While Vellum‘s day to day operations primarily take its production team to industrial locations, Vellum’s team has extensive experience in a wide range of working environments. Occasionally a client is involved in providing disaster relief services – and Vellum’s extensive experience is called upon to produce high quality images in a high risk environment to document the client’s work.


Once such situation was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Vellum’s founders Jim Winn and Nathan Weber were in the heart of New Orleans as Katrina rolled in, and documented the arrival of the hurricane and the following response by disaster relief services. One of those images ran a week later on, and was recently featured again in the site’s slideshow of the most dangerous and costly hurricanes to hit the United States. The image, posted below, was shot by Jim Winn as the full power of the storm moved over the city of New Orleans, and can be seen in MSNBC’s slideshow by clicking here.


Again, experience counts, and Vellum’s team has the professional experience and safety training to get the job done, whether it’s in an industrial environment, or a situation that requires fast thinking and a cool head. While shooting at the peak of the storm Nathan and Jim encountered a man clinging for his life to a piece of drift wood in the flood that had overtaken the city. Vellum‘s founders put the cameras down, and used the safety equipment they had on hand to rescue the man and several others in the storm. Their efforts were captured by Zuma Press photographer Edward Linsmier, who is also the co-owner of the Florida commercial photography collective, FLPhotoFirm.


Ready to Launch – Vellum’s new website

Vellum‘s web team is quickly closing in on the final touches of Vellum’s new website. Our new site will allow us to better showcase the many video, web development, design and still photography services that Vellum is able to offer its industrial clients. We are looking forward to taking the site live in the upcoming weeks.


New Work – Industrial Photography

industrial photography  tiltshift_crane


industrial photography  gravel2_NDM1664

industrial photography  gravel_NDM1649

industrial photography - landscape_windmills

sfasdf - windmills_2_T_NDM7119

industrial photography - windmills_1_T_NDM7096

Two Weeks in Two Minutes

2 Weeks in 2 Minutes – Time Lapse from Vellum Industrial Media on Vimeo.

This time lapse is a section from the DVD recently produced by Vellum Industrial Media for Portable Welding Service in North Carolina. The time lapse recorded a single frame every 5 seconds for the entirety of the two week press rebuild project, which in its final form is compressed to a two minute piece.

Executive Portraits

While Vellum Industrial Photography produces a lot of employee and environmental portraits for its clients, we also produce a substantial amount of executive portraits as well.  This week Vellum was comissioned to shoot a series of executive portraits for one of our Chicago based clients, a selection of which is below.