Still Imagery

When you hire Vellum, you invest in potent, authentic images that project confidence, authority and excellence. Our photography shines in advertising, on a website, in an annual report or in a brochure, and you will take almost as much pride in them as we do. This means the conversation between you and us that starts with your first inquiry and doesn’t stop until the work is done and you’re satisfied.

If your company has a need for still photography Vellum can handle any job, large or small. Vellum works with a wide range of clients to produce:

• Project Documentation

• Executive Portraits

• Product and Catalog Photography

• Annual Report Photography

• Architectural Photography

• General Industrial Photography

The Last Roll-Out from Philip Andrews on Vimeo.

Industrial – Images by Vellum Industrial Media


Employee Portraits

Portraits – Images by Vellum Industrial Media


Executive Portraits

Executive Portraits – Images by Vellum Industrial Media


Product Photography

Product – Images by Vellum Industrial Media


Architectural Photography

Architectural – Images by Vellum Industrial Media

Vellum brings a highly experienced, nationally recognized video team and the most state of the art equipment to every shoot. We can easily produce videos for:




POST PRODUCTION (Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Video Transfers, and CD & DVD Duplication)

A Vellum video project can benefit your company in a wide variety of ways:

More effective trade show presence: Having video on the trade show floor allows your company to ship minimal equipment and still demonstrate the operational features and systems by showing the video.

More effective response to phone and email inquiries: The industrial world is engineering-centric. Potential customers want to see machines and contractors in action. Posting the video on the your company website allows allows your sales team to put its best foot forward, and demonstrate value and experience to clients.

Better channel support: Many of our clients work across Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Far East, and sales support can be challenging. With DVD and/or USB Flash Drive versions of your product video, sales teams are able to show their products in action — and very importantly, in action at customer sites. A video highlights that your products are real, installed, and working.

Better industry presence: Video references in print and trade show advertising drives additional customer traffic to your website. Additionally, many premier trade publications now include a promotional video area on their website – giving your company the opportunity to present its products, its services and its people to a target market.


Recent Video work by Vellum:

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