Why Vellum? Because our team is safe, experienced and has been recognized nationally for the quality of its work.

Would you let just any person off the street into your manufacturing facility, medical institution or active job site? For the majority of our clients the definite answer is no, because they place a premium on safety in the workplace. Vellum’s actively matches that commitment, so that our clients can rest assured that they are hiring a team that knows how to work safe, and get the job done right.  Extensive experience in industrial and medical environments, separates Vellum from its competitors and allows us to produce high quality material reliably, safely and on budget.

When you hire us, you invest in potent, authentic images and video that project confidence, authority and excellence. Our photos and videos shine in advertising, marketing, on a website, in an annual report or in a brochure, and you will take almost as much pride in them as we do.  This means the conversation between you and us that starts with your first inquiry and doesn’t stop until the work is done and you’re satisfied.

Whether your company is in the planning stages of a large project, or needs production at the last minute, Vellum can produce a project plan and estimate that will fit your budget.  To get started contact us at contact@vellummedia.com, or call directly 1-800-335-1285.

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